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welcome to the youngstown GLOVE NEW ZEALAND WEBSITE


The Youngstown Glove Company was founded in the USA in 2002 and builds high performance gloves with a focus on quality, innovation and superior service. We pride ourselves on creating gloves that exceed the demanding needs of professionals and raise the bar when it comes to safety, comfort and durability.

Youngstown Gloves have now been available in New Zealand for more than 10 years and over that time we have proven to be the industry leader here in performance work gloves.

Today we offer nearly 40 styles of gloves under the Youngstown Gloves brand. Our growing line of form-fit performance gloves covers a wide range of working applications and conditions, including Waterproof, Flame Resistant, Cut-Resistant, ARC Rated, Anti-Vibration, High Visibility and Touchscreen Compatible.

Every Youngstown style goes through extensive testing - both in the labratory and in the field - prior to making it for our customers. Our thorough testing, proven patterns, innovative materials and meticulous quality control methods ensure that Youngstown is truly #1 in Durability.

Please feel free to contact us with any comments or questions you may have, you can email us at info@youngstown.co.nz

Thank you for visiting the Youngstown Glove New Zealand Website.