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Since 1945 Seymour Tree Service has been successful at tackling hazardous tree removals. Performing this work safely requires selecting equipment vendors who are the best! When it comes to protecting our hands we need personal protective equipment for both ground operations as well as coverage for our tree climbers who are at risk every day.
Seymour Tree Service partners with Youngstown Glove Company because they offer a variety of products to keep our hands protected in the most challenging of circumstances. If you are serious about your hand safety go with Youngstown Glove Company.

Seymour Tree Service

I recently picked up a pair of Youngstown Gloves and have been wearing them at work for a few weeks. I am very impressed. Normally I have cut's in my gloves and the gloves are starting to rip.
I have never had a pair of Gloves that are as comfortable as these.
I would recommend these Youngstown Gloves to anyone that has not experienced them"

Dan Schwarz

The Youngstown Gloves lasted 4 x’s longer a regular leather glove. We framed & grouted 38 wind turbine bases with your gloves compared to 10 bases with the leather gloves. You have a great glove.


My husband bought my first pair for a Christmas present. He saw an ad and knew these were specifically designed for me. I'm one to always have my nails done and he thought this is the ticket for me. I cannot tell you how I have enjoyed these gloves. Their versatility has no limits. I use them not only in the garden but they are my first choice for use in the stable and my only choice for riding gloves. They are, without question, the best women's gloves designed for the price. 

Lynda F. Sheehan rated Youngstown Women's Garden Glove - BURGUNDY 5 out of 5

"The General Utility gloves are perfect for our warehouse environment. Your hands stay cool while you work and they are very durable."

Rich Miller, Director of Warehouse Operations

I have been using work gloves for over 25 years and these by far are worth the money. I work heavy duty outside work in all kinds of weather....they keep the water out.. my hands are warm and believe me they last for more then 3 months using them 5 days a week. I told my wife they were too expensive NOT TO BUY THEM .. thank god she didn't listen to me! You won't be disappointed.

Frank Comemtino rated this item 5 out of 5

 “I think the Youngstown cut-finger gloves are fantastic and heavy duty – other gloves are slippery and these have great grip and tremendous dexterity.”

Mark Lord
Mark Lord Carpentry

“Just wanted to drop a line and let you know how much I appreciated the Youngstown gloves. I cut, split and stacked firewood all season AND picked enough field stone from my back lot to build a 40' long x 3' high wall in front of my house. All of this with the same pair of gloves! I no longer use the leather or canvas gloves I have collected over the years, they just don't stand up.”

Lee Bjork

The Youngstown Gloves hold up to whatever type of work you are doing. In the county on the farm or city life. From the field work to tending to the animals these gloves have protected my hands to the vigorous job of working on the farm. I would recommend them for anyone.

Mark A. Kolodziej

"While working on a steep hillside and using a pair of Youngstown cut-resistant Kevlar gloves, I was using a brushcutter/blade combination to cut tall, thick weeds. The work was very strenuous, and in the process the blade mechanism became severely clogged with cut weeds. I mistakenly attempted to clear the clogged blade area with the blade still turning (turning slowly, but turning nonetheless). At the same moment, because of the steepness of the hillside, I wavered in my balance. As a result, two of the fingers on my left hand made contact with the blade's spinning edge. These gloves literally saved severe injury to my fingers! Though I've since learned from my mistake (don't touch a spinning blade for any reason, no matter how slow it may be turning!), I am nonetheless very grateful for the safety and protection that these Youngstown gloves provided me. I highly recommend them!"
I want to thank you for the quality, workmanship, and safety of these gloves. I appreciate it more than you know!

Geoff Nelson

The YOUNGSTOWN glove company has tremendous products. I am fortunate enough to use the YOUNGSTOWN Winter gloves all winter and am thankful for it. The gloves keep my hands warm and dry all day even when working ten hours or more in the harsh weather. Working as carpenters we ( The Carpenter Team of Christel and Heiberger Builders) need to have good use of our fingers, but also need to keep them warm. The YOUNGSTOWN glove allow us to do both. I would highly recommend them to anyone working or playing in the winter weather.

Tommy Heiberger
Christel and Heiberger Builders