FR and Arc Rated Performance Leather Series

Youngstown’s Arc Rated series is a ground breaking line of advanced hand protection designed for utility workers. Most of this line is made up of very unique leather gloves where we used our modern ergonomic glove patterns and applied them to extra high quality leathers. We have expanded this offering of technical leather gloves to include items with additional protection such as flame resistance, cut resistance and our waterproof / windproof protection. The line now features 2 synthetic items, our new FR 4000 and our FR Emergency Gas Glove. Both gloves are No Drip / No Melt and designed to withstand heat and flames while also providing cut protection and comfort. The result is increased dexterity, comfort, productivity and safety for workers.

* Click here to see Glove Size Chart

  • FR Leather Utlity Lined with Kevlar 11-3280-60
    Runout Price - Normal Retail Price $93.00
  • FR Mechanics Hybrid 12-3270-80
    Runout Price - Normal Retail Price $75.00
  • FR Leather Kevlar Wide Cuff 12-3275-60
    Runout Price - Normal Retail Price $99.00
  • FR Emergency Gas Glove 12-3390-60
    Runout Price - Normal Retail Price $299.00